“Giving Tuesday” 2014 – December 2nd

October 29th, 2014  / Author: Juan Gattinoni

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Youth meeting at Saavedra

October 5th, 2014  / Author: Juan Gattinoni

Last October 4th, after the Spring outreach activity at Parque Saavedra, Cristo Rey’s youth met at Saavedra and shared the message that was offered by Pastor Manuela Kauer, from FPC at Bethlehem, US. They also went through the last details for the National Youth Camp, to be held next weekend at Rio Tercero, Córdoba, Argentina.


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Let’s celebrate how diverse we are…

October 5th, 2014  / Author: Juan Gattinoni

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

7:30 pm at Conesa 2224, CABA


“Whether you come from far away, or close, this is your home”

We celebrate our diversity, and the independence of our country.





Do come! We will share delicious empanadas!


Our friends from Pennsylvania

October 5th, 2014  / Author: Juan Gattinoni

Last week, September 28th to October 4th, 2014, we recieved the visit from our friends from Pennsylvania, Marie, Jim, Ben, Michell, Rich and Manuela.

They came to Buenos Aires to share a week with us, at our Bible Study groups and help us get ready everything we need for our Spring outreach activity  at Parque Saavedra.

May the Lord bless us all!


mission trip to argentina team

EB en lo de Silvia

pintando en la mesa de afuera

EB en lo de Silvia

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Primav 2014 i

Primav 2014 ii

Primav 2014 iv

Primav 2014 v


What a camp! Great teenagers’ camp at Chapadmalal

October 5th, 2014  / Author: Juan Gattinoni




Tire fuerte

God gave us some gorgeous days, January 3 – 6, and Cristo Rey’s teenagers were able to have fun, learn, play games and share a great camp at Chapadmalal, near the beach. The group meditated about adolescence, and their possibilities to grow and enjoy.

Déborah, Martín, Sofía and Juan Pablo, their leaders, did a great job, with the help of Lucas, Eduardo, Patricia and Hansy. The teenagers are getting ready for the year to come. We’d like to enhance the attendance of the youngest camper: Facundo López Petcoff!

Our Lord is good! He blesses and cares…




Pentecost: young people in charge

October 5th, 2014  / Author: Juan Gattinoni

This year, the Pentecost service was led by the teenagers’ group. It was very good indeed!






Listen to the song by Caleb group, from Venezuela, which encourages young people to continue with their commitment in Christ. (please, see the Spanish version of this post).

Youth meeting at Villa Ballester

October 5th, 2014  / Author: Juan Gattinoni

Youth meeting at Villa Ballester: worship service, meditation, prayers and a beautiful sunny day. We also had a delicious asado!


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The Upper Room, a light in our way

October 5th, 2014  / Author: Juan Gattinoni

We had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of the Upper Room at Nashville, and tell her Director, Ms Sarah Wilke, how our congregation esteems her ministry and  how important it is for our community.



We also visited Dr. Douglas Ruffle and thanked him for all his help and efforts towards our project.

Doug swims 4 Path 1 & 4 us!

May 28th, 2014  / Author: Juan Gattinoni

Our good friend Douglas Ruffle plunges into the pool again…!


Scripture says ministry can be like a foot race. Sometimes though, it’s more like a swim! You can participate in a swim to support ministry by sponsoring Associate Director of Path 1, Doug Ruffle, on a 3-mile swim at his local YMCA benefitting the following new church ministries: 1). The Large Impact Church Residency Program and/or 2). The New House of Prayer for All People in Argentina

To show our appreciation for your generosity and participation, and in honor of Doug’s 63rd birthday, all friends who give a donation of $36 or more to either ministry will receive a  “Swim 4 Path1” T-shirt!


More info at http://www.swim4path1.org

We remembered…

April 19th, 2014  / Author: Juan Gattinoni

Last Good Friday, we remembered Jesus sacrifice together with our neighbors, at Saavedra Park.

Happy Easter!

parque y pastor pascua 2014